About this EAHIL Dashboard

EAHIL distributed it's own customised version of this survey in 2015, but unfortunately the response was only 67. To offer the EAHIL community meaningful data from this survey Bianca Kramer and Guus van den Brekel came up with the idea to extract the data from all European participants and create a special interactive SILK dashboard based on that.

  • From the original dataset (available on various platforms) we took a selection with a filter on the discipline MEDICINE plus all the relevant European countries from which forms were received. This resulted in 2200 responses/datacards.

  • These 2200 datacards were uploaded in the EAHIL SILK Dasboard, using a template that Bianca already used to create the Utrecht Dashboard, to make sure look & feel were similar to the overall survey dashboard.

  • Below all countries are listed.

  • Now it is time to study the results, play with the dataset, compare, but most of all .....
    think of research questions of which we as European librarians, can benefit to improve our services to the research community. Maybe an opportunity to collaborate in an international project......?

  • For questions, reactions, please contact Guus van den Brekel (@digicmb)

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